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Known issues

Known issues in Citrix Workspace app 1808 for Chrome

The following known issue has been observed in this release:

  • When you start applications and desktops from multiple VDAs and set one VDA with applications and desktops in focus, the applications and desktops from the other VDAs that are not in focus might become black. As a workaround,minimize all the applications and then start the required applications from the taskbar. [RFHTMCRM-2408]

Known issues in earlier releases

  • On enrolled devices, when an administrator configures the store URL using Google policy, the Add a Store button is visible but not functional. When you click the button, the store address becomes blank. However, the store remains active. [RFHTMCRM-2264]

  • After enabling ShowinShelf using the configuration.js file, in an application session launched using an ICA file, the Citrix Receiver for Chrome icon is stacked with the VDA icon and not displayed as a separate entry. [RFHTMCRM-1653]

  • When the Receiver for WebUI theme is enabled on the NetScaler Gateway with StoreFront Version 3.9, launching Citrix Receiver for HTML5 might display a blank screen. If you encounter this issue, upgrade your Citrix NetScaler to version or [683987]
  • When Selective H.264 is enabled and you run a video, the audio portion of the video might break. To improve the performance, set the Use Video Code for Compression policy to For the Entire Screen in the Citrix Studio. [RFHTMCRM-1119]

  • In an application session that is set to full-screen, moving the session window to the bottom edge of the monitor might cause the session window to exit unexpectedly. [RFHTMCRM-1402]

  • If NetScaler Gateway times out during a session, the dynamic icons for Maximize, Restore, and Multi-touch in toolbar might turn black. [RFHTMCRM-1480]

  • In a desktop session running on multi-monitor mode, when you drag a session to the secondary monitor and click the multi-monitor icon in the toolbar, clicking Restore Window icon makes the session unresponsive. [RFHTMCRM-1655]

  • When you play audio in a session, switching from the active session window might cause the audio to get distorted. [RFHTMCRM-1122]

  • In a desktop session, the quality and performance of a video degrade when you reposition the video player app multiple times. [RFHTMCRM-1167]

  • The session freezes when launching published applications from a Linux VDA. Workaround: Disable the toolbar when using published applications from a Linux VDA. [662083]

  • In some cases, the Google smartcard connector may crash. To resolve this issue, disconnect then reconnect the session to reenable smartcard redirection. [652697]

  • A session may crash while copying and pasting a large amount of data inside a session. Citrix recommends copying less than 10 MB of data when using the clipboard. [586671]

  • Citrix Receiver for Chrome does not support the cross-language keyboard. [602652]

  • When contents are copied from a document on Google drive (G drive) to a session the format of the copied content may not be maintained. To resolve this issue, open the document containing the copied content using the respective app (for example, Google docs, Microsoft Word or Excel) and perform clipboard operations. This should reserve the format at the session side. [606135]

  • The keyboard combination ALT+F4 does not work as expected within a session. Click the Search/Windows key along with top row keys to simulate function keys on a Chrome book. You can also use the Keyboard settings option on the Chrome book to enable the ‘Treat top-row keys as function keys’ to enable direct use of the top row keys to simulate function keys. [607326]

  • Citrix recommends that you use an absolute path rather than a relative path in File Transfer registry settings. [607455]

  • The F5 key does not display the thumbprint view of apps, instead, a thumbprint of VDAs displays all apps within a session. [615795]

  • The work area of an active session is not updated when the Chrome book shelf position is changed or hidden. [623585]

  • You might need to use Alt+Tab an extra time to switch between apps from different VDAs.