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What’s new in 2203.1 LTSR

Citrix Workspace app 2203.1 CU1 is the most recent Long Term Service Release (LTSR) of Citrix Workspace app for Windows.


This release supports features that were included in Citrix Workspace app 2002 for Windows to Citrix Workspace app 2202 for Windows, except the features pertaining to components mentioned in the Notable exclusions section.

Audio redirection enhancement

Improved audio echo cancellation support for all audio codecs including Adaptive audio and all legacy audio codecs.

Microsoft Teams optimization

  • Support for secondary ringer: You can use the Secondary ringer feature to select a secondary device on which you want to get the incoming call notification when Microsoft Teams is optimized (Citrix HDX optimized in About/Version). For example, if you have set a speaker as the Secondary ringer and your endpoint is connected to headphones, Microsoft Teams sends the incoming call signal to the speaker even though your headphones are the primary peripheral for the audio call itself. If you aren’t connected to more than one audio device, or if the peripheral is not available (for example, Bluetooth headset), you can’t set a secondary ringer.


    This feature is available only after the roll-out of a future update from Microsoft Teams. When the update is rolled-out by Microsoft, see Microsoft 365 roadmap, you can also check CTX253754 for the documentation update and the announcement.

  • App Protection and Microsoft Teams enhancement: Microsoft Teams supports incoming video and screen sharing when Citrix Workspace app for Windows with App Protection enabled is on Desktop Viewer mode only. Published apps in seamless mode don’t render incoming video and screen sharing.

Service continuity

Service continuity removes or minimizes the dependency on the availability of components that are involved in the connection process. Users can launch their virtual apps and desktops regardless of the health status of the cloud services.

For more information, see Service continuity section in the Citrix Workspace documentation.

About this release

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