Known Issues

Known issues in 2203.1 LTSR CU1

No new known issues have been observed in this release.

Known issues in 2203.1 LTSR

  • Citrix Workspace app for Windows installation in offline mode might fail when installer can’t find Microsoft Edge WebView2 on your system.

    As a workaround install MicrosoftEdgeWebView2RuntimeInstallerX86.exe as an administrator and then try to install Citrix Workspace app for Windows.


  • Battery status notification and automatic keyboard pop-up dialog might not appear during the session when Automatic keyboard display policy is enabled on the DDC. [HDX-39558]

  • When you plug-in an USB device or access files, Citrix Workspace app might show legacy Citrix Workspace - Security Warning dialog. [LCM-10369]

Known Issues