Customize workspace notifications

Citrix Workspace delivers targeted notifications and actions that allow subscribers to do their work without leaving their workspaces.

The Microapps service generates notifications and actions from your app data sources (Systems of Record, SoR) and delivers them to Citrix Workspace through microapps. Microapps are workflows that you build to aggregate app tasks and resources.

Notifications are event-driven microapps that generate relevant alerts to display in the subscriber’s Activity Feed, such as task reminders and company news. Subscribers can view and act on these items directly in their workspaces.

You can also create user-initiated microapps to appear in the Actions card of workspaces. The microapps in the Actions card allow subscribers to complete tasks, like requesting time off or submitting a Help Desk inquiry, without leaving their workspaces.

Notifications in Workspace

To configure, enable, and roll out notifications, you must:

  1. Configure the Microapps service in Citrix Cloud.
  2. Enable Microapps in Workspace Confoguration > Service Integrations.
  3. Subscribe users and groups to your microapps in the Microapp Integrations page.
  4. Enable and rollout the notifications feature in Workspace Configuration > Customize > Features.

Step 1: Configure the Microapps service in Citrix Cloud

Citrix Workspace comes with a preconfigured Microapps service subscription and is ready for you to start building microapps immediately. If you don’t yet have an entitlement to the Microapps service you can request a demo. For more information, visit Onboard Microapps service.

You configure individual services, including the Microapps service, in Citrix Cloud. Sign in to Citrix Cloud and select Manage in the Microapps tile.

To configure the Microapps service, you must first integrate the apps you need for building your microapps (workflows). For information on configuring app integrations, visit Set up template integrations.

After integrating apps into Workspace, create the microapps that collect, process, and organize tasks and resources from your apps’ SoR to deliver targeted alerts and actions to subscribers. For more information on creating microapps, visit Create microapps.

Step 2: Enable Microapps as a Service Integration in Workspace Configuration

Enable the Microapps service in Workspace to allow subscribers to receive microapps. Enabling the Microapps service populates workspaces with the notifications and actions you configured in Step 1.

To enable the Microapps service in Citrix Workspace:

  1. Navigate to Workspace Configuration > Service Integrations.
  2. Select the ellipsis next to Microapps.
  3. Select Enable.

For more information on enabling services in Workspace Configuration, visit Enable services.

Step 3: Subscribe users and groups to microapps

If you want to roll out notifications to select subscribers (Step 4), you must first create and subscribe users and user groups to the microapps that generate notifications in Actions and the Activity Feed.

For instructions, see Manage subscribers in the Microapps product documentation.

Step 4: Customize roll out of notifications

To enable alerts and tasks in the Activity Feed and Actions card of Citrix Workspace, you must decide how you want to roll them out in Workspace Configuration > Customize > Features. Here, you define whether you want to roll out notifications to all subscribers or to select user groups.

Activity feed enabled for all subscribers


To enable the notifications for specific users and groups, you must use one of the following authentication methods:

  • Active Directory
  • Active Directory + Token
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Okta

You can only enable or disable this feature for all subscribers if:

  • You’re using Citrix Gateway as an identity provider.
  • You’re using the Citrix Federated Authentication Service with Citrix Cloud.
  1. Enable the feature in Workspace Configuration > Customize > Features.
  2. Choose whether you want to enable the feature for selected users and groups or for everyone with a microapps subscription.
  3. If you select Enable for selected users and groups, select the domain, and then search for the users and groups that see the notifications in their workspaces.
  4. When you’re finished adding users and groups, select Save.

Activity feed enabled for all subscribers

To remove users or groups, under Assign Users and Groups, select the trash can icon for the user or group and then select Remove.

Remove users or groups from activity feed.

Customize workspace notifications