Product Documentation

Supporting CloudBridge Plug-in With Citrix Access Gateway VPNs

May 28, 2013
The Access Gateway Standard Edition VPN supports CloudBridge Plug-in acceleration, provided that a CloudBridge appliance is deployed with the Access Gateway appliance and the Access Gateway appliance is configured to support it. See the CloudBridge Release Notes for a list of supported Access Gateway releases.

For CloudBridge Plug-in support with other VPNs, see your VPN documentation or contact your Citrix representative.

To configure CloudBridge support, use the Access Gateway administration tool, as follows:
  1. On the Global Cluster Policies page, under Advanced Options, select the Enable TCP optimization with CloudBridge Plug-in check box.
  2. Make sure that the IP addresses used by the CloudBridge (redirector IP and management IP) have access enabled in the Network Resources section on the Access Policy Manager page.
  3. For each of these addresses, enable all protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP) and enable Preserve TCP Options.
  4. Make sure that these same addresses are included under User Groups: Default: Network Policies on the Access Policy Manager page.