Product Documentation

Deploying Plug-ins On Windows Systems

Dec 27, 2012
The CloudBridge Plug-in is an executable Microsoft installer (MSI) file that you download and install as with any other web-distributed program. Obtain this file from the MyCitrix section of the website.
Note: The CloudBridge Plug-in user interface refers to itself as "Citrix Acceleration Plug-in Manager."

The only user configuration needed by the plug-in is the list of appliance addresses. This list can consist of a comma-separated list of IP or DNS address. The two forms can be mixed. You can customize the distribution file so that the list points to your appliance by default. Once installed, operation is transparent. Traffic to accelerated subnets is sent through an appropriate appliance, and all other traffic is sent directly to the server. The user application is unaware that any of this is happening.