Product Documentation

Verifying WCCP Mode

Sep 11, 2014

You can monitor the WCCP configuration from the CloudBridge GUI.

To monitor the WCCP configuration
  1. Navigate to the Monitoring > Appliance Performance > WCCP page.
  2. Select a cache and click Get Info. A Cache Status page displays the WCCP configuration, as shown in the following figure.

  3. Start traffic that should be forwarded through the CloudBridge appliance and monitor the connection on the Monitoring > Optimization > Connections page.
    • If the connections are shown on the Accelerated Connections tab, that is an indicator that everything is working.
    • If the connections are on the Unaccelerated Connections tab, look at the Details column. A routing asymmetry detected message implies that one of the ip wccp redirect lines on the router is missing or has an error, or that different paths are taken by client-server and server-client traffic.
    • If no connections are shown, but the appliance reports that it is connected to the router, and the WCCP monitoring page shows no errors, the issue is probably with the router configuration.