Product Documentation

Automatically Configuring CloudBridge Devices

Aug 12, 2014

If you are using Citrix Command Center to manage your Citrix appliances, the AutoConfiguration feature enables a CloudBridge appliance to automatically register itself with Citrix Command Center.

After you have specified a DNS IP address in the setup wizard, the appliance performs reverse and forward lookups to identify the Command Center IP address. If you opt for having the appliance automatically configured by the Command Center server, the server starts configuring the appliance automatically soon after the appliance is registered with it. The Command Center server uses configuration profiles selected for the appliance to run configuration commands on the appliance. For more information about how the autoconfiguration feature works on the Command Center server, see Command Center.

Additionally, you can use Citrix Command Center to manage and monitor the appliance remotely.

Note: This feature is supported with Citrix Command Center release 5.2 build 41 and later.