Product Documentation

Adding CloudBridge Appliances and Enabling Data Collection

Oct 13, 2014

To monitor a CloudBridge appliance, you must add it to the NetScaler Insight Center inventory and enable data collection on the appliance.

Before adding CloudBridge appliances and enabling data collection, note the following considerations:
  • To monitor CloudBridge appliances, enable AppFlow on the NetScaler Insight Center. You do not need to enable AppFlow on the CloudBridge appliance.
  • When you add a CloudBridge device on NetScaler Insight Center, provide the CloudBridge IP address, not the Management service IP address or the NetScaler instance IP address.
  • The NTP server used by the CloudBridge appliance must be in sync with the NetScaler NTP server time. This is typically done by using the same NTP server for both. To add an NTP server on NetScaler Insight Center, see Configuring Clock Synchronization.
To add CloudBridge appliances
  1. On the Configuration tab in the NetScaler Insight Center GUI, navigate to Inventory, and click Add. All devices that are added to the NetScaler Insight Center are displayed on the Inventory page.
  2. Choose the Device Type and enter the source IP address that the device uses for AppFlow records. Also enter the user name and password required for access to the device.
  3. Click Add. When the CloudBridge appliance is added, information about the appliance appears in the Inventory list.