Product Documentation

Why Use AppFlow Monitoring?

Oct 13, 2014

A monitoring service that supports a wide range of devices can present a more complete view of your network. Because the CloudBridge appliance has an extensive view of WAN traffic, including detailed statistics about XenApp/XenDesktop traffic, it provides key insights into the WAN user experience.

XenApp/XenDesktop Example

In a XenApp and XenDesktop environment, if a branch user encounters low performance, the administrator might have to monitor the network, the users, and applications hosted on XenApp or XenDesktop. The administrators might need to ask the following questions:
  • Which part of the network is causing a bad user experience?
  • What is an easy way to identify the slowness in published applications?
  • Which virtual channels are consuming the most bandwidth over a given time period?
  • Which XenDesktop or XenApp users are consuming the most bandwidth over a given time period?
  • For a given XenDesktop user, what is the average client and server-side latency, and the average jitter?
  • What are the top applications across all XenApp users, by up-time and total number of launches over a given time period?
  • What is the Datacenter latency?

The CloudBridge AppFlow support provides answers to all of the above questions, allowing, for example, a congested WAN link to be distinguished from a slow server or a slow client.

Note: The AppFlow feature is available on CloudBridge 2000, 2000WS, 3000, 4000, and 5000 appliances.