Product Documentation

How AppFlow works

Jan 28, 2011

AppFlow collects the flow and user-session level information from the CloudBridge appliances and transmits the information to AppFlow collectors .

Using UDP as the transport protocol, AppFlow transmits the collected data, called flow records, to one or more AppFlow collectors. The collectors aggregate the flow records and generate performance reports.

AppFlow uses actions and policies to send records for a selected flow to a specific set of collectors. An AppFlow action specifies which set of collectors receive the AppFlow records.

AppFlow monitoring includes support for the IPFIX architecture, as defined in RFC5470. CloudBridge IPFIX support adds the following features:
  • Templates for L4 (application) data records, WAN optimization data records, and HDX (XenApp/XenDesktop) data records, facilitating expanded monitoring and analysis.
  • Compatibility with NetScaler IPFIX templates.
  • General IPFIX infrastructure, including collector and exporter processes and sampling/filtering options.