Product Documentation

Verifying Accelerated RPC over HTTPS Connections

Jan 27, 2015

After you have configured RPC over HTTPS on the appliance , you can verify that the appliance is accelerating the RPC over HTTPS connection on the Monitoring page for MAPI. The accelerated RPC over HTTPS connections are listed on the Accelerated MAPI Sessions tab.

Note: You must configure RPC over HTTPS on your client-side appliances as well as your server-side CloudBridge appliances to accelerate the RPC over HTTPS connections.
To verify that RPC over HTTPS Connections are being accelerated
  1. Navigate to the Monitoring > Optimization > Outlook (MAPI) page.
  2. On the Accelerated MAPI Sessions tab, verify that RPC over HTTPS connections are accelerated.

Note: The Application has possible values of: HTTPS eMAPI, HTTP eMAPI, HTTPS MAPI, and HTTP MAPI.