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Adding a URL for Caching Videos in Advance

Jan 22, 2015

To download and cache a video in advance, you must specify the absolute path for the URL of a specific video or a video folder on which directory indexing is enabled.

Note: If you just add an entry to the video prepopulation tasks, the related video is downloaded and cached. However, when a client accesses the video, it is served from the video server and does not get caching benefits. To make sure that the client gets caching benefits, you must add the video server or IP address used in the prepopulation task to the video sources list.
To add a URL to cache videos in advance
  1. Navigate to Configuration > Optimization Rules > Video Caching page.
  2. On the Prepopulation tab, click Add.
  3. In the Name field, specify a name that you can use to identify the entry.
  4. In the URL field, specify the URL from which you want to cache one or more videos. The URL can be for a specific video or a video server. Make sure that you specify a complete URL or a video folder, such as or
  5. Click Add.

By default, the URL is enabled and scheduled to cache videos immediately, and each video from this URL is cached only once.

The following table describes the status messages:
Status Description


Fetching video for caching before the first view is configured for the URL and a new task is added.

Connection timeout error

Connection to the server has timed out and there is no response from the server.

Error 301 - Moved Permanently

The video to be downloaded and cached has been permanently moved to another location.

Error 403 - Forbidden

Access to the video to be downloaded and cached is denied.

Error 404 - Not Found

The video to be downloaded and cached is not available at the link provided.

Error 504: Server unreachable

The URL you have specified is not reachable.

Successfully downloaded <x> file(s)

Download successful for the URL, and <x> number of media files are downloaded to the cache.

Failed to download <x> out of <y> files

Download failed for some of the media files from the URL.

Failed to download x files(s)

Failed to download any media file from the URL.

Download completed

Processing of all URLs for this entry is complete.

Download in progress

The download is in progress.


The appliance has started downloading media files from the URL.

Deleting this entry

The entry is being deleted from the list of URLs.

Failed to get Directory listing

Failed to get listing from the remote directory you specified.

Entry removed by clear cache operation

The entry has been purged by the clear cache operation.

Updating Status

The appliance is updating the status of the entry.

Schedule time elapsed

The scheduled time at which to download the remote object is past.

In-cache <x>/<y> files

On refreshing the status of an entry, the appliance has found that <x> number of files out of <y> number of files exist in the cache

Interface ap<X> disabled for Video Caching

The bridge interface ap<X> is not enabled for Video Caching.

Refreshing status

The status of the entry is being refreshed.

Error 0

An unknown error has occurred while downloading the videos.

Contact Citrix Technical Support team to resolve the issue.