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Power Supply

Jan 22, 2014

CloudBridge appliances are configured with a single power supply. For a CloudBridge 3000 appliance, you can order a second power supply.

The appliance ships with a standard power cord that plugs into the appliance’s power supply. The other end of the cord has a NEMA 5-15 plug on the other end for connecting to the power outlet on the rack or in the wall.

For power-supply specifications, see Common Hardware Components, which describes the various hardware components, hardware platforms and includes a table summarizing the hardware specifications.

Note: If you suspect that a power-supply fan is not working, see the description of your platform. On some platforms, what appears to be the fan does not turn, and the actual fan turns only when necessary.
Table 1. LED Power Supply Indicators
Power Supply Type LED Color LED Indicates
AC OFF No power to any power supply.
Flashing RED No power to this power supply.
Flashing GREEN Power supply is in standby mode.
GREEN Power supply is functional.
RED Power supply failure.

Electrical Safety Precautions for Power Supply Replacement

  • Make sure that the appliance has a direct physical connection to earth ground during normal use. When installing or repairing an appliance, always connect the ground circuit first and disconnect it last.
  • Always unplug any appliance before performing repairs or upgrades.
  • Never touch a power supply when the power cord is plugged in. As long as the power cord is plugged in, line voltages are present in the power supply even if the power switch is turned off.

Replacing an AC Power Supply

A CloudBridge 2000 appliance can accommodate only one power supply, which is not field replaceable. A CloudBridge 3000 appliance has only one power supply, but you can order and install a second power supply.

Note: Shut down the appliance before replacing the power supply.
To install or replace an AC power supply in a Citrix CloudBridge 3000 appliance
  1. If replacing an existing power supply, align the semicircular handle, so that it is perpendicular to the power supply, loosen the thumbscrew, press the lever toward the handle and pull out the existing power supply, as shown in the following figure.
    Note: The illustration in the following figures might not represent the actual CloudBridge appliance.
    Figure 1. Removing the Existing AC Power Supply
  2. Carefully remove the new power supply from its box.
  3. On the back of the appliance, align the power supply with the power supply slot.
  4. Insert the power supply into the slot and press against the semicircular handle until you hear the power supply snap into place.
    Figure 2. Inserting the Replacement AC Power Supply

  5. Connect the power supply to a power source.