Product Documentation

Alert Configuration

Sep 07, 2012

show alert-configuration

Syntax: show alert-configuration
[-name “alertname”]
Syntax: show alert-configuration

Displays the settings of the Alert system, or optionally of a single, named Alert. Equivalent to the information on the Alert Configuration page. With -retention, the Alert Retention Time is displayed.

set alert-configuration

Syntax: set alert-configuration
{-retention “seconds” , -verbose {enable, disable}}
Syntax: set alert-configuration
-name “name” 
-level {alerted, logged, disable, default} 
[-threshold “integer”]

Sets parameters for individual, named Alerts, or sets global parameters. Equivalent to the Alert Configuration page. The -retention option sets the alert timeout value in seconds, while the -verbose option allows verbose or non-verbose reporting to be selected. The -threshold option is used to specify alerting thresholds. Not all alerts support a threshold.

reset alert-configuration

Syntax: reset alert-configuration

Sets all Alerts to factory defaults.

clear application-counters

Syntax: clear application-counters

Resets all application performance counters.

show applications

Syntax: show applications

This command shows the list of configured applications

show application

Syntax: show application

This command shows the configuration information of the selected application. The parameter -id selects the application listed on the show applications output.

add application

Syntax: add application
-name “name” 
[-description “description”] 
[-group “application group”] 
[-classification-type “ethertype, ica-published-app, ip, tcp, udp, web-address”] 
[-classification-parameters “classification parameters”]

This command creates a new application.

rename application

Syntax: rename application
-old “old-application-name” 
-new “new-application-name”

This command changes the application name.

remove application

Syntax: remove application
{-all, -name “name”}

This command removes the configured application.

set application

Syntax: set application
-name “name” 
[-description “description”] 
[-group “application group”] 
[-classification-type “ethertype, ica-published-app, ip, tcp, udp, web-address”] 
[-classification-parameters “classification paramenters”]

This command changes the configuration of an application.