Product Documentation


Sep 07, 2012

add local-license

Syntax: add local-license
[-name “license-name”] 
-file “filename”

Installs the license file 'filename.'

-name specifies the license name to be assigned on the system.

-file specifies a previously uploaded license file in the transfer account.

Example: add local-license -name 'new' -file newlicense.txt

list license-files

Syntax: list license-files

Displays a list of license files uploaded to the transfer account.

remove local-license

Syntax: remove local-license
-name “license-name”

Removes an installed license.

rename local-license

Syntax: rename local-license
-old “old-license-name” 
-new “new-license-name”

Changes an installed license name.

show license-models

Syntax: show license-models

Displays the list of models which is needed to acquire license from the remote license server.

show license

Syntax: show license

Displays the current license server configuration and the licensed features.

show local-license

Syntax: show local-license

Displays the name of all local licenses installed.

set license-server

Syntax: set license-server

-location local
Syntax: set license-server
-location remote 
[-model “model name”] 
[-ip “ipaddr”] 
[-port “port”]

Configures the system to use local or remote license server.

-model specifies the model name with which to acquire the license. Use show license-models command to display the list of models.

-ip is the IP address of the remote license server.

-port specifies the remote license server port (default 27000).

Example: set license-server -location remote -model v1000 -ip -port 27000