Product Documentation

Graphical User Interface

May 28, 2013

CloudBridge, and CloudBridge VPX have essentially identical graphical user interfaces (GUIs). CloudBridge 4000/5000 also contains this GUI as a subset of its user interface.

The GUI is browser-based, supporting HTTP and HTTPS. By default, the GUI is enabled on all active Ethernet ports, using the management IP address assigned to each port, but the GUI can be disabled on a port-by-port basis.

The GUI is divided into pages, reached through tabs on the header and navigation bar on the left-hand column of each page. The GUI pages are divided into three categories:
  • The Dashboard, which allows you to perform the top-level monitoring.
  • Monitoring pages, which display the activity of the appliance’s features in real time. You can also with create printable displays of the appliance’s status.
  • Configuration pages, on which you can adjust the appliance’s modes and parameters. You can also back up, restore, troubleshoot, and update the appliance’s software.