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Jun 05, 2013

A license file must be installed before your Appliance will accelerate connections. License files are generally obtained on MyCitrix. See the release notes for more information.

Figure 1. License Information Tab

The License Information tab gives the information needed for the creation of a license for your Appliance, or to match up a pre-generated license with the correct Appliance. If a license has been successfully installed, the Required Action field will say, None.

The format of the License Information tab is different if no license has been installed. The Required Action field will report that only a legacy license is installed. A link is provided to go to the MyCitrix and obtain another.

License Server Tab

This tab specifies whether licenses will be obtained locally or remotely. If local licenses are used, they are installed using the Local Licenses tab. With remote licensing, the license file is installed on a Citrix License Server running on the machine of your choice. Remote licenses were introduced in release 5.6.

Figure 2. License Server Tab

If remote licenses are used, the Remote License Server address must be supplied, plus the Remote License Server Port (the default value will almost always be correct). Also, the type of license must be specified in the Model pull-down menu.

These licenses specify the maximum supported bandwidth. The remote license server needs to have a license available for the model selected, or no license will be acquired.

If SSL acceleration, MAPI acceleration, or signed SMB acceleration are required, then a “crypto license” must also be installed. Checking the Crypto License Requested box will acquire a crypto license, if available.

Local Licenses Tab

This tab is where you install the license itself. Most Appliances with local licenses will have 1-3 active licenses: for acceleration, for the CloudBridge Plug-in, and for SSL acceleration (the crypto license).

The steps for installing a license are:
  1. Add a new license by pressing the Add button.
  2. Type a name into the License Name Field. This name can be anything, but it cannot be blank.
  3. Upload the license you obtained from Citrix via the Add box.
  4. Press the Install button.
  5. After a delay, the license should install successfully.

Licensed Features Tab

This tab reports the features that have been licensed for this Appliance.

Figure 3. Configuration: Licensing page