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Update Software

Jun 07, 2013

Upgrading to a New Release

The appliance software is upgraded by means of patch files that you obtain from Citrix. The usual source is Log into MyCitrix (you need a valid service agreement, a login, and a password). Navigate to Downloads: Repeater: Firmware. Select a release and click on Get Firmware to download the release.

Figure 1. System Upgrade Page

To install a patch file, click Browse… on the System Upgrade Page, select the patch file, and upload it to the appliance. This requires that the patch file be on a file system that can be accessed by your browser. (This condition is met automatically if you used the same browser to download the patch in the first place.)

A patch file will be examined by the appliance and will only be installed if it is a valid patch file that will upgrade the system to a different release from the one currently in use.

An upgrade preserves license files and system settings. The upgraded unit requires no reconfiguration except for any new features that have been added with the new release.

Once a patch is installed, a new screen will ask if the unit can be restarted. The patch will not be applied until the unit is restarted. If the user chooses not to restart the system immediately, a reminder will be placed at the top of each page.

The unit may require several minutes longer than usual to restart when it is applying a patch.

Figure 2. Display on a Successful Patch Upload

Downgrading to a Prior Release

You can also revert to any previously installed release by selecting it from the Downgrade Release pull-down menu and clicking Change.

If you are using Repeater disk encryption, the other releases on the unit will be displayed in orange, and the Downgrade Release option is not available unless you first disable disk encryption.

The appliance maintains copies of older releases, and the downgrade process reverts to one of these. Licenses and settings are not copied back from the newer release to the older one. Instead, the unit will revert to the settings that were in effect at the time the older release was upgraded.

Changing the Version Type

The Change Version Type option allows you to select a debug version of the release. Possible debug versions are “Level 1” or “Level 2.” You should not select these unless instructed to do so by Support.