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CloudBridge 7.4.6 Release Notes

Sep 25, 2017

The release notes describe the changes or enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues in Build 6. The list of known issues is cumulative, that is, it includes issues that are newly found in this build and also issues from previous builds.


  • This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.
  • The [# XXXXXX] labels under the issue descriptions are internal tracking IDs used by the CloudBridge team.

What’s New in Release 7.4.6 (build 1002)

The following new features and enhancements were introduced in CloudBridge Release 7.4.6 build 1002:

Security Fix

CloudBridge release 7.4.6, build 1002 has new images with security fix for CVE-2017-14602.

This vulnerability is only present when the above versions are used on the following appliance models:

  • Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN (CloudBridge) model 5000 WAN Optimization appliances
  • Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN (CloudBridge) model 4000 WAN Optimization appliances

For additional information related to this security fix, impacted editions, and platforms, refer to the security bulletin posted at

Best practices for use of WAN Optimization products are now available at: Read more

What’s New in Release 7.4.6 (build 27)

New features in release 7.4.6 include:

  • Office 365 acceleration -

          The Office 365 acceleration feature allows the branch offices to gain the optimization benefits that CloudBridge 7.4.6 provides for Microsoft Office 365 application.

          For more information, see Office 365 Acceleration.

Fixed Issues - The issues addressed in Build 6.

Known Issues - The issues that exist in Build 6.