Product Documentation

Fixed Issues

Aug 30, 2016

The following issues were addressed in CloudBridge release 7.4.6 -


  • Degraded performance, with increased CPU consumption and high inbound queue latency, can result from a memory fragmentation issue that occurs in rare situations.

           [# 601827, 637658, 648186, 620947, 625975, 647996, 626994, 630896, 645449, 645773]


  • In a High Availability setup, If the exchange of heart beat messages between the primary and secondary CloudBridge appliances is delayed by about four seconds, the primary appliance restarts and the secondary appliance becomes primary.

           [# 647279]


  • Service Class report lists only the WAN-link traffic, regardless of the selected link-filtering parameter.

           [# 647597]

  • The CloubBridge appliance displays the following message when you try to add a certificate-key pair:
           Error in retrieving SSL Certificate.

           [# 650219]

  • The Service Class graphs list the ICA connections as Other TCP Traffic instead of as ICA traffic.

           [# 653070]


  • Users are sometimes unable to log on to a service virtual machine (SVM) based platform (for example, NetScaler SDX).

           [# 650505]

  • Upgrade issue from prior 7.4.0 releases, only on platforms that do not have management service virtual machine (SVM).

           [# 641504]

CB- Config-Reporting-Infra

  • A large variety of applications (for example, AppleTalk, Hermes, Windows Live Messenger, and others) open suddenly, resulting in increased CPU consumption and eventually a system failure. 

           [# 651398]