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Known Issues

Mar 08, 2017

Known issues in Build 6

WANOP Appliance - Active FTP Acceleration

  • The data connection initiated by the server might traverse through different Branch Repeater other than the one to which the FTP control connection is sent to and becomes unaccelerated.

          Workaround: Enable acceleration using the "Other TCP" option.

          [# 249221]

Known issues in Build 5


  • Upgrade issue from prior 7.4.0 releases, only on platforms that do not have Management Service VM (SVM).

          Workaround: Upgrade to 7.4.4 and then upgrade to 7.4.5

          [# 641504]

  • Auto secure peering feature will not work over TLS1.2 until support is added to Data Path Access. Currently TLS1.2 support is limited to Management Path Access.

          Workaround:  For this to work, Auto secure peering has to be done over HTTPS configuration using the default "Any Protocol", then the configuration can be moved to "TLS1.2".

          [# 640507]