Product Documentation

Viewing the Discovery Status of Devices

Oct 31, 2014

Command Center lets you view the discovery status of all discovered as well as inaccessible devices.

To view the discovery status of devices

  1. On the Citrix Network tab, in the left pane, expand Device Inventory, click Devices, and then click Discovery Status at the bottom of the right pane.
  2. On the Discovery Status page, you can view the following details:
    • Refresh: Refresh the discovery status at the current time.
    • Time: Time when the step in the discovery process started.
    • Device: Device that is being discovered.
    • Operation: Step in the discovery process that is executed, such as add trap destination and enable SNMP.
    • Status: Status of a step in the discovery process. The status can be STARTED, COMPLETED, and FAILED.
    • Message: Message that describes the reason of the discovery process failure or the details of when the discovery process started on a particular device.