Product Documentation

Email Notifications for Executed Tasks

Nov 04, 2016

Email notifications are now sent every time a built-in or custom task is executed. The notification will cover details such as the success or failure of the task along with the relevant details. For example, if you have scheduled a custom task in Command Center to perform specific configuration changes on NetScaler and you want to know if the scheduled task has succeeded or failed. Previously, you had to re-login to Command Center to know if your task succeeded or failed. You can now avoid such a scenario by sending a report of the success or failure of the tasks executed and, if further probing was required via an email notification.

To send email notification for a task

  1. Navigate to the Configuration tab. In the left pane, under Configuration, click Custom Tasks.
  2. Click Add.
  3. After selecting the required custom task parameters such as the devices it must be run on, the schedule, and any comments you have, you will be directed to the View Summary page.
  4. Select the E-mail the report checkbox to send an email notification when the task is executed by entering the following details:
  • From - The address from which the email is sent.
  • To - The addresses that you want to send the email report to.
  • User Name and Password - Main server credentials.


Click Test Mail to check if the mail server credentials provided are accurate and if the mail server is accessible from command center server. If the connection to the mail server is successful, a test mail is sent to the specified email and the settings are saved.