Product Documentation

Uninstall the Connector

May 02, 2016

To uninstall the Connector service or console extension, remove it from Programs and Features or use the following command-line:

%ProgramFiles%\Citrix\Connector for ConfigMgr\Config Wizard\Citrix.ConfigMgr.ConfigWizard.exe /U[ninstall]

In the Uninstall Options dialog box, indicate how to handle the uninstallation:

  • I am upgrading or plan to re-install — Removes product binaries only.
  • I want to uninstall permanently — Removes product binaries, components under Cleanup to perform, the Program Files > Citrix > Connector for ConfigMgr folder, and Connector-related items from the Configuration Manager console interface.
  • Let me make selections manually — Removes product binaries and enables you to choose the components to remove. Your Connector configuration is retained.

What happens when you uninstall Connector

  • Publications added to Studio by the Connector remain in Studio after you uninstall the Connector service.
  • The Remove Citrix Connector deployment type technology option removes the Citrix deployment type from the Configuration Manager site. As a result, Configuration Manager no longer manages any publications that had the Citrix deployment type.
  • Uninstalling the XenApp and XenDesktop deployment type does not remove the XenApp 6.5 deployment type.
  • Uninstalling the Connector for a particular site does not impact Connector-related data on other Configuration Manager sites.