Synchronizer is the server used to deliver Virtual Machines (VMs) to DesktopPlayer clients. It manages:

  • Users (which computer is assigned to each, which virtual machines (VMs), policies, which virtual appliances are assigned, and the backups for each VM))
  • Groups (which users belong to which groups, and group assignments)
  • VMs (which OS and version, which groups and users, policies are assigned)
  • Policies (backup frequency, USB and other device controls, VM and computer access control, and more)
  • Software (what is available in the software library, and which VM has it been assigned to)
  • Computers (computers running DesktopPlayer that are registered to users and which run virtual machines)
  • Events (detailed audit trail of actions for each object in Synchronizer)

Synchronizer builds the VMs, manages users and their groups, handles integration with Active Directory, and assigns VMs to users. When contacted by a computer, it sends down updated VMs and policies.

Using Synchronizer, the Administrator can request information about the computer running a VM (disk use, hardware available, and diagnostics).

Current release: 5.9.1

Release Notes (PDF Download)

Pre-Install Checklist (PDF Download)

Quick Installation Guide (PDF Download)

Installation Notes and Examples (PDF Download)

Quick Start Guide (PDF Download)