Product Documentation

Known issues

Sep 13, 2016

The following issues are known at this release of AppDNA.

  • Hyper-V is not highlighted or detected as locally installed in VM Configuration Wizard. The workaround is to run AppDNA as an administrator to see the local instance of Hyper-V. (AppDNA-169)
  • Blank screen displays when taking snapshot in the snapshot selection screen in VM configuration wizard. Click Next to continue. (AppDNA-566)
  • The Queue Processor Service continues to run after AppDNA is uninstalled. The workaround is to manually stop and uninstall the service. (AppDNA-406)
  • Exporting of the Remediation report to Word format does not work and displays the error "The directory name is invalid". The workaround is to use an alternative export format - PDF, Excel, or HTML. (AppDNA-469)
  • Importing some MSIs results in an attempt to enable .NET 3.5 on a machine which does not have 3.5 enabled. Click OK to continue the import process. (AppDNA-585)
  • An object reference error displays after deleting the mapped application from AppDNA. (AppDNA-614)
  • AppDNA services cannot be started automatically after a reboot to the operating system following installation and configuration on Windows Server 2016. To work around this issue, manually restart the AppDNA services. (AppDNA-226)
  • The Remediation report export does not work when the application name contains apostrophe. (AppDNA-695)
  • Integrated authentication does not work for users in a child domain when they are a member of a universal group. (AppDNA-793)
  • The Install Capture wizard for vSphere machines does not automatically select the automatically-configured snapshot in the drop-down lists. (AppDNA-150)
  • The reimport of an application which was imported with Install Capture is imported as "unknown" without attachments. (AppDNA-284)
  • VMware Workstation is missing in the VM Configuration wizard for the App-V Solution. (AppDNA-199)
  • Loading an OS snapshot from Studio into AppDNA shows "Failed to import OS snapshot" message in Studio and the OS image from Studio is not successfully imported into AppDNA. To work around this issue:
    • Log on to the machine from the Machine Catalog.
    • Copy AppDNA Snapshot Manager to this machine.
    • Run Snapshot Manager on the same machine to capture the OS image.
    • Log on to AppDNA and manually import the captured snapshot from Import > Operating Systems.