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What's new

Feb 22, 2017

AppDNA 7.13 includes the following enhancements and new features: 

64-bit AppDNA

The AppDNA server and client now install and run as 64-bit processes and are supported on 64-bit versions of Windows OS platforms. If the installer detects a 32-bit version of Windows, it does not proceed. This move to 64-bit does not affect AppDNA tools (Install Capture, Self Provisioning Client, Virtual Machine Configuration, Web Application Capture, Remote Admin, and Snapshot Manager). You can continue to install these tools on supported 32-bit or 64-bit OS platforms. For more information, see System requirements and Upgrade.

CEIP improvements

We have updated the anonymous statistics and usage information sent to Citrix to help us improve the quality and performance of AppDNA. For more information about what data is collected, see CEIP.

OS image and application import performance

We have changed the way that AppDNA imports OS images and applications. It is now faster to complete, for example, a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 snapshot import. It also means that upgrades to the latest release take less time compared to earlier releases.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update (AU)

Windows 10 AU is now the default Windows 10 OS image for analysis and reporting in AppDNA.

Secure Web reports

WorxWeb reports are now called Secure Web reports in the AppDNA user interface. This change is consistent with the rename of all Citrix-developed Worx Mobile Apps in XenMobile Server 10.4.

Compliance Manager module

In AppDNA 7.13, this module remains a feature for evaluation. Do not use this module to decide on which applications you deploy in your production environment. For more information about the Compliance Manager module, see the What's new articles in and AppDNA 7.11 and AppDNA 7.9.