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Fixed issues

Feb 22, 2017

Fixed issues in this release:

  • In the Server Queue window, the "canceling" text does not display correctly.

[# AppDNA-1440]

  • After an upgrade, the physical path to AppDNA in IIS was not updated.

[# AppDNA-1430]

  • The Solutions application selection contains system frameworks.

[# AppDNA-1429]

  • Clicking on the Directed Spider tool did not launch IE.

[# AppDNA-1370]

  • The Application Remediation Issues report did not load on the AppDNA client.

[# AppDNA-1368]

  • Windows 2012/2012 R2 is not recognized as a "Moving From" OS in in the Configure Modules Wizard.

[# AppDNA-1280]

  • The icon is not displayed on a custom Remediation Issues/Actions reports page.

[# AppDNA-1089]

  • AD integrated logon does not work after a user changes their AD password.

[# AppDNA-985]

  • The information displayed on the App-V solution page is incomplete.

[# AppDNA-941]

  • No external data is available for the Windows Server 2016 module.

[# AppDNA-808]

  • Application actions should work on selection through tabs in Web Applications screen.

[# AppDNA-630]

  • AppDNA becomes unresponsive on adding an AD group.

[# AppDNA-553]

  • A pinned forward path report's tab title should be the name of the report.

[# AppDNA-545]

  • It is not possible to see forward path reports on two databases on the same server at the same time.

[# AppDNA-519]

  • Clicking the system tray notification closed the notification instead of carrying out the action.

[# AppDNA-495]

  • The application group on the Import screen does not show the actual application group.

[# AppDNA-391]

  • Incorrect selection of groups in the Manage Groups screen.

[# AppDNA-386]

  • The number of organizational units is not displayed correctly.

[# AppDNA-347]

  • Modifying the Help menu for AppDNAConfig.exe was not working as expected.

[# AppDNA-334]

  • Dragging and dropping apps into the import queue was not working as expected.

[# AppDNA-298]

  • Out of memory exceptions were experienced during the analysis of 70 web apps.

[# AppDNA-245]

  • New attributes were not displayed in the report.

[# AppDNA-211]

  • Export was not working for AppDisk reports that were opened in Studio.

[# AppDNA-173]

  • Downloading attachments intermittently produced a "path cannot be null" error.

[# AppDNA-121]

  • It was not possible to sort the tables by clicking the column headers in the Estate or Issue view reports.

[# AppDNA-108]

  • Incorrect display of Warning message about IIS features in non-English versions of OS.

[# AppDNA-77]

  • In the Direct Import and Install Capture tabs, it was not possible to sort by the Progress column.

[# AppDNA-41]