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Known issues

Feb 22, 2017

Known issues in this release: 

  • Connecting to local Hyper-V generates an error. The workaround is to run AppDNA as an administrator.

[# AppDNA-977]

  • The error message, "DirectedSpider.exe is not a valid Win32 application", is displayed when launching the Directed Spider on Windows XP SP3. To work around the issue, use an older version of AppDNA (AppDNA 7.9 or earlier).

[# AppDNA-1371]

  • If the Queue Processor has been turned off and the administrator starts another application import, they do not get a notification that the Queue Processor is turned off. To work around this issue, check the status of the Queue Processor (bottom right-hand corner of the Import Applications page). Restart the Queue Processor manually before starting another import.

[# AppDNA-629]

  • Cancelling an import of applications intermittently takes longer than expected (between 15 and 40 minutes). To work around this issue, close AppDNA.