Product Documentation

Fixed issues

May 24, 2017

Fixed issues in this release:

  • AppDNA freezes for a short time (1 - 2 minutes) if you save changes made to modules that were manually enabled or disabled.

  • On some Windows virtual machines (for example, Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 10 32-bit), OS snapshot image creation gets stuck. The process shows the message: "Starting PEDOtNumber output analysis."

  • The Remediation Issues report and MHT report export display information related to a particular image combination (from OS image and to OS Image). The Remediation Issues detailed report export contains information triggered by all OS image combinations. This has been enhanced to include extra columns to identify which image combinations have contributed to each entry.

  • OS image relationships are not set correctly for custom OS images during the import process

  • After successfully importing an app, analyzing it takes a long time.

  • Users cannot view Windows 10 reports, or reports for other modules. In these cases, a warning message appears indicating that the user does not have privileges to perform the requested action

  • If creating users and assigning roles, an error message appears indicating that "An attempt was made to update a user's system flag. This flag cannot be changed".