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Known issues

May 24, 2017

Known issues in this release: 

  • The error message, "DirectedSpider.exe is not a valid Win32 application", is displayed when launching the Directed Spider on Windows XP SP3.

    To work around the issue, use an older version of AppDNA (AppDNA 7.9 or earlier).

    [# APPDNA-1371]
  • Connecting to local Hyper-V generates an error. The workaround is to run AppDNA as an administrator.

    [# AppDNA-977]
  • If the Queue Processor has been turned off, depending on the user account under which the AppDNAAppPool is running. The server may not have the neccesary permissions to detect and notify the client that the Queue Processor is turned off.

    To work around this issue, if you application import or analysis is not starting, check the status of the Queue Processor (lower right-hand corner of the Import Applications page) and the status of the Citrix AppDNA Service. Restart the Citrix AppDNA Service manually if neccesary.

    [# AppDNA-629]
  • When the client side parts of the import process take an unusually long time to complete, cancelation requests may not be responded to in a timely manner.

    To work around this issue, close AppDNA. This will stop the import.

  • When running Install Capture, forcefully rebooting the host fails along with the import process. An error message, similar to the following, appears:

    "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote <hostname>."

  • In some localized environments (for example, Chinese and Japanese), a new user cannot be created because the user name may contain special characters which are not recognized by the database