Product Documentation

Configure Client

Aug 14, 2017

In the Configure Client step in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard, you configure the connection with the AppDNA web site.

Web site URL – Enter the URL of the AppDNA web site to which you want to connect. Specify the URL as follows:

``` pre codeblock http://server:port/AppDNA

Where the variables are as described in the following table.

| Variable | Description                                              |
| -------- | -------------------------------------------------------- |
| server   | The AppDNA server host name or IP address.               |
| port     | The AppDNA web site port number. This is usually 8199.   |
| AppDNA   | The name of the AppDNA web site. This is usually AppDNA. |


``` pre codeblock

If you do not know what to enter here, contact your AppDNA administrator.

The wizard creates a site for each AppDNA database that is connected to the AppDNA web site that you specify here. A site is a named database and AppDNA web site combination. You specify which site you want to use when you log on to AppDNA. AppDNA then uses the site to connect the AppDNA client to the specified AppDNA web site and database. Once you are logged in, you can switch site by using the Switch Site pop up list in the lower left corner of the main AppDNA screen.