Configuration progress

Aug 14, 2017

The Progress page in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard shows the progress of the configuration task. How long the task takes depends on what is being configured and the resources available on the local machine. Configuring a new AppDNA server installation and creating a new database are long-running tasks and may take an hour or more. Upgrading a large database may also take a significant amount of time.

After the configuration is complete, the wizard displays a summary of the changes. For example, when you configure a new AppDNA server installation or create a new database, the wizard shows:

  • The name of the new database.
  • The type of authentication used to connect to the SQL Server installation to create the database.
  • The name of the site, which you can use to connect to the database when you logon to AppDNA.
  • If the wizard created a Windows user account for AppDNA to use internally, its name is shown. The wizard creates a random password for this user account. A local administrator can later change this in Control Panel > User Accounts. However, if the password is changed in this way, you then need to reconfigure the web site to use the new password.