Aug 14, 2017

A single AppDNA web site can handle multiple databases. Within AppDNA, you switch between databases by using sites. A site is a named database and AppDNA web site combination. You specify which site you want to use when you log on to AppDNA. AppDNA then uses the site to connect the AppDNA client to the specified database. Once you are logged on, you can switch database by using the Switch Site pop up list in the lower left corner of the main AppDNA screen.

When you use the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard to add a database, the wizard automatically creates a new site that you can use to connect to that database in AppDNA. The name of this site is displayed on the final page of the wizard. Make a note of the site name so that you can use it to connect to the database when you log on to AppDNA.

If you have multiple AppDNA clients connected to the same AppDNA web site, and you want all of the clients to access the new database, you need to add the new site on each client. See Sites for more information.

The remainder of this section describes how to create new databases and add existing databases to an AppDNA installation.