Aug 14, 2017

Each AppDNA user is assigned a role, which controls the tasks the user can perform in AppDNA. By default, AppDNA has these roles with defined privileges that you cannot change:

  • Users – Can select applications, view reports, and create application groups.
  • Administrators – Has User privileges and can also perform all of the administration functions.

You might need to add custom roles for users such as third-party consultants, security analysts, or test engineers.

To manage roles:

  • From the AppDNA menus, choose Administration > Roles.

The top part of the Role Management screen lists the existing roles. A check mark in the System Role column on the right side indicates a built-in role. You cannot change these roles.

The lower part of the screen lists all possible privileges and shows which ones are selected for the currently selected role. For non-system roles, select a check box to enable a privilege and clear a check box to disable a privilege. Click Save to commit changes.