Aug 14, 2017

A site is a named database and AppDNA web site combination. AppDNA uses a site to connect the AppDNA client to the specified database.

  • You can specify the site you want to use when you log on to AppDNA, unless you use integrated or automatic login.
  • After you are logged on, you can switch the database by using the Switch Site list in the lower left corner of the AppDNA screen.
  • You can change the default site that appears for both of those controls.

To manage sites:

  • From the AppDNA menus, choose Administration > Sites.

Add or remove a site

The ability to have multiple databases is useful for companies who want to test their web applications separately from their desktop applications, for example. Using multiple databases is also useful for system integrators who need to test several customers’ application portfolios at the same time. Typically every site uses a different database but all sites use the same AppDNA web site. When all sites use the same AppDNA web site, you need to upgrade all of the databases that they point at when you install a new version of AppDNA.

You can add or remove sites for the current AppDNA client machine and user.

To add a site

  1. In the upper part of the Manage Sites screen, click Retrieve Available Databases.

  2. Click the database on which you want to base the new site and then click Add Selection to List.

    AppDNA creates a new site based on this database.

  3. Click the new site in the Site List, enter the site details and location, and then click Save.

To remove a site

  • Select a site in the Site List, click Remove, and then click Save.

Deleting a site does not delete the associated database.

Define the default site

AppDNA connects to the default site. To change the default site:

  • Select a site in the Site List, click Set Default, and then click Save.

Import or export a site

To standardize on the site names and configuration across multiple AppDNA client machines and users, click Export on the Manage Sites toolbar to export the sites. Then send the exported file to the other AppDNA users and ask them to import it on their own machines (click Import on the Manage Sites toolbar).

When you export a site, AppDNA stores in an XML file the configuration settings of all sites listed.