Aug 14, 2017

You can view, create, and modify user accounts for AppDNA and also configure user accounts for integrated login.

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About integrated login

Integrated login is an optional feature that enables AppDNA users to be logged into AppDNA automatically using their Windows user account credentials. This means that the login screen is by-passed and users do not need to enter their user name and password. This requires the AppDNA user account to be configured as follows:

  • The AD Linked check box must be selected for the user.
  • The AppDNA login name must be the user’s domain qualified Windows username – for example, domain\username.

You can create integrated login accounts manually or by import from Active Directory. User accounts that are imported from Active Directory are automatically set up for integrated login. However, you can change this after the import by clearing the AD Linked check box. AppDNA then automatically generates a new password for the user. If necessary, you can replace the automatically generated password with a manual password.

Users who have integrated login accounts can turn off automatic login – for example, if they temporarily need to login with an administrator account to perform an admin task. To do this, clear the Enable Auto Integrated Login check box in Login settings.

Note: You cannot log on to the AppDNA web client using an integrated login account.

Integrated login FAQ

Does integrated login require contact with Active Directory?

No. The only requirement is that AppDNA is launched from a Windows domain account that matches an AppDNA user account that is configured for integrated login.

Does the AppDNA user account need to be updated when the Windows password changes?

No. AppDNA handles password changes behind the scenes.

Can I change an existing AppDNA user account to an integrated login account?

Only if the user login name matches the domain qualified Windows user name for that user. This is generally true if the user account was imported from Active Directory. All you then need to do to convert it to integrated login is to select the AD Linked check box for the user account and save the changes. If the AppDNA login name is not a valid domain qualified user name, you need to set up a new user account using a domain qualified Windows user name and select the AD Linked check box. You can do this manually or by importing from Active Directory.