Task locks

Aug 14, 2017

AppDNA places a lock on critical tasks so that another user cannot delete or modify the data while an analysis is being performed. Generally, AppDNA releases the locks at the end of the task. However, in certain circumstances (such as a restarting the server) this does not happen. You then need to release the locks manually.

To release task locks

  1. From the AppDNA menus, choose Administration > Tasks.

    The Tasks screen shows the status of all of the imports and analyses being processed by all of the AppDNA clients connected to the same AppDNA web site.

  2. On the toolbar, click Release Locks.

    Caution: The Refresh Report Data button on the far right side of the toolbar refreshes the report data for all applications and all active reports and combinations of OS images. This can take a long time, particularly if you have a large application portfolio. This button should be used only on the advice of Citrix AppDNA support staff.