Which Reports?

Aug 14, 2017

Reports control the analysis that is performed on the selected applications. Reports are grouped into modules, each of which is a collection of reports for a particular context. For example, the Desktop Compatibility module contains the Windows 7 and Windows 8 reports. Each report is made up of a suite of algorithms that relate to a target technology against which the application DNA is evaluated. The algorithms validate the suitability, interoperability, conflicts, and performance of applications in the target environment. Each algorithm identifies applications that potentially have a specific issue on the target platform. Applications that are identified as having this issue are said to trigger the algorithm. 

Which reports are available as options to select when you analyze your applications depend on your license, which reports are active, and whether you select desktop applications, web applications, or a mixture of both: 

  • If you select only desktop applications, the web application compatibility reports are not shown.
  • If you select only web applications, the desktop application compatibility reports are not shown.
  • If you select a mixture of desktop and web applications, all of the active reports are shown.
  • All of the active custom reports are shown regardless whether you select desktop or web applications.

The Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Citrix Secure Web reports only analyze web applications and ignore any desktop applications in the selection. All of the other reports (with the exception of any custom reports) only analyze desktop applications and ignore any web applications. Custom reports analyze both desktop and web applications. You therefore need to make sure that you select appropriate applications before selecting custom reports for analysis. Citrix recommends that you indicate in the name of custom reports whether they are for web or desktop applications.

AppDNA identifies an application as a web or desktop application by the way that it is imported into AppDNA. Applications that are imported through the Import Web Applications screen are considered to be web applications. All other applications are considered desktop applications.