Virtual Machine Configuration Summary

Aug 14, 2017

This page provides a summary of the configuration options and settings you have chosen in the Virtual Machine Configuration wizard.

After viewing the summary, you may decide you want to make some adjustments to the configuration. How you do this depends on which virtualization technology you are using.

  • If the Back button is enabled, you can click it to go back to the relevant step. After making any changes, you then need to click Next on each step until you return to this summary screen in order to complete the configuration.
  • If the Back button is not enabled, click Finish to close the wizard. Then click Save to save your changes and close the Settings dialog box. If necessary, you can then open the Settings dialog box again and edit the virtual machine configuration.

Click Finish to exit the wizard, and then click Save in the Settings dialog box. When you go into the Import Applications screen, you will then see the new virtual machine configuration in the Virtual Machines drop-down list on the Install Capture tab.