Quick start guide

Aug 14, 2017

Citrix AppDNA application migration software enables enterprises to confidently discover, automate, model, and manage applications for faster application migration, easier application virtualization, and streamlined application management.

These quick start steps summarize first-time installation and upgrades. 

Step 1 - Deploy prerequisites

Before you install AppDNA, deploy the prerequisite components. The following items are required unless otherwise indicated.

Step 2 - Download and install AppDNA

Download the installer, Citrix AppDNA.msi, and run it in a VM.

The installer handles first time and upgrade installations for all licensing types. For trial licenses, the installer creates a database that will work with Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Step 3 - Configure AppDNA

After the installation completes, the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard starts.

  1. When prompted to enter database details, specify the SQL Server name, database name, and the administrator user name and password.

  2. When choosing how to configure a service account, the appropriate option for most cases is Use the built-in IIS application pool identity.

  3. When prompted for license information: If you already have a copy of AppDNA, your license will continue to work for this release.

  4. After the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard finishes successfully, open the Windows Start screen or menu, choose AppDNA, and then log on.

    The default administrator account user name is “administrator” and the default password is “apps3cur3”.

  5. If you are using a trial license, make sure that the OS images finish loading before you continue.

    When the import completes, AppDNA displays the results.

    You have now completed the installation.

  6. To start importing a few applications:

    1. From the AppDNA side bar, choose Import & Analyze and then click Applications.

    2. After you import one or more applications, click Analyze, then view the resulting reports.

      The run time for the import and analyze steps will vary from a few minutes up to a few hours depending on how many applications you choose and the speed of your computer.