Import Applications Toolbar

Aug 14, 2017

This topic provides information about the toolbar in the Import Applications screen. You use this screen to import desktop applications into AppDNA.

To open the Import Applications screen:

  • From the side bar, choose Import & Analyze > Applications.

Main toolbar

Browse button Browse. Use to select individual installation files. If you are on the Direct Import tab and you select a file that is not an .msi, .sft, or .appv, AppDNA automatically adds it to the Install Capture tab. Similarly if you are on the Install Capture tab and select an .msi, .sft, or .appv file, AppDNA automatically adds it to the Direct Import tab.

Search buttonSearch. Use to recursively search down a directory structure for installation files of various types. You can optionally choose to also search for .mst transformation files and to specify the group you want the applications to be added to. When you use this button on the Direct Import or Install Capture tabs, AppDNA automatically adds .msi, .sft, and .appv files to the Direct Import tab and other file types to the Install Capture tab. See Search for applications for more information.

Import from List. Select a .csv file that defines a list of applications to be imported. See Import from List for more information.

Select. Provides options to select failed imports, imports with warnings, or successful imports.

Backup buttonBackup. Back up the lists of applications on the Direct Import and Install Capture tabs so that you can revert back to them later.

Restore buttonRestore. Restore the lists of applications that were backed up previously.

Delete buttonDelete. Remove selected applications from the current tab.

Cancel buttonCancel. Cancel the process that is currently running.

AppDNA Import buttonImport. Click to import the selected applications into AppDNA. This imports any applications that are selected on both the Direct Import tab and the Install Capture tab. If any applications are selected on the Install Capture tab, by default AppDNA runs through a series of checks of the virtual machine configuration. If necessary, you can turn off these checks in Install Capture Settings.

Analyze buttonAnalyze. Click to analyze the data after it has been imported. Alternatively, you can analyze the applications later. See Analyze applications for more information.

Direct Import toolbar

The Direct Import toolbar provides the following options:

Select All MSTs. Select this check box if you want to automatically apply .mst files to the .msi files during the import. The .mst and .msi files must be stored in the same location. The .mst files are used to transform or manipulate .msi files.

Expand All MSTs. When you select an .msi file for import and there are .mst files in the same directory, AppDNA puts a + to the left of the application’s name. When you click the +, AppDNA shows the associated .mst files so that you can select them individually. Select this option to automatically show all .mst files without needing to click the +.

Configuration. Click to open the Import and analyze settings.