Web applications

Aug 14, 2017

To test your web applications for Citrix Secure Web, Internet Explorer, or Firefox compatibility, you first must import them into AppDNA.

You can import web applications by using two different approaches or a combination of both:

  1. Use the AppDNA Directed Spider to crawl over the runtime HTML pages and capture them into an MSI for import into AppDNA.
  2. Capture the web source files into an MSI file for import into AppDNA.
  3. Use a combination of both of these approaches.

You can perform all of these functions within AppDNA on the Import Web Applications screen. Alternatively you can use the stand-alone web application capture tools to perform these functions and then import the generated MSI into AppDNA.

To open the Import Web Applications screen: 

  • From the AppDNA side bar, choose Import & Analyze > Web Applications.

The Import Web Applications has two tabs:

  • Web Capture Import. Use this tab to capture a web application into an MSI and import it in one operation. You can capture the web application’s runtime HTML files or the source files, or both for the most comprehensive analysis. When you capture runtime HTML pages, AppDNA opens the AppDNA directed spider.
  • Web Direct Import. Use this tab to import web applications that have been captured into an MSI file by using the stand-alone web application capture tools. AppDNA comes with two stand-alone web application capture tools. These can be run on machines that do not have AppDNA installed.

Note: Spider is a generic term for a program that crawls over web pages, following links, and creating copies of all of the pages visited.