Prepare to install

Aug 14, 2017

Before you install AppDNA, prepare your environment as follows.

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  • Check Known issues for installation issues you might encounter.

Decide where you will install the components and then prepare the machines and operating systems.

  • Review the deployment scenarios in Technical overview.
  • Review System requirements for supported operating systems versions for AppDNA and its components.
  • Be sure that each operating system has the latest updates.

Prepare to install the AppDNA database:

  • Verify that the SQL Server instance and database are configured for Latin1_General_CI_AS collation.
  • Determine which user account you will use to install the AppDNA database. The account must have the sysadmin server role.
  • Determine which user account the AppDNA web site will use to connect to the database. The account must have the bulkadmin server role and the db_owner database role.
    • For a production deployment, Citrix recommends that this is a generic service account with a password that never expires. Otherwise, you must update the AppDNA web site each time the password changes. For a proof-of-concept deployment, you can typically use the currently logged in user account.
    • If you use Windows authentication, this user account must have administrator privileges on the machine on which the AppDNA server is running. If that is not possible, relax the permissions on the AppDNA web site folder to give read-write permissions to the user account. By default, the AppDNA web site folder is C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\Citrix\AppDNA\Server.
  • Determine the location of the database files. The Configure AppDNA Environment wizard creates new databases in the default database file location set in SQL Server. To store the database files in a different location, change the default location in SQL Server before you run the wizard. For more information, refer to View or Change the Default Locations for Data and Log Files.
  • Note: In some localized environments (for example, Chinese and Japanese), a new user cannot be created because the user name may contain special characters which are not recognized by the database.

Make sure that these ports are opened.

Port Protocol For connections to:
80/443 HTTP/HTTPS AppDNA web site from the AppDNA server or clients
135 DCOM Optional components (Active Directory, System Center Configuration Manager, a Hyper-V host, or virtual machines)
445 TCP/UDP Network shares
1433, 1746, 1748, 1750 TCP SQL server
7279, 27000 TCP Citrix License server
8079 TCP AppDNA License server; configurable
8199 HTTP IIS; configurable
54593 TCP Remote Admin agent; configurable
Tip: For complete port information, see CTX101810.

Verify that group policies meet these requirements:

  • Group policies must not restrict Unencrypted Form Data or Active Scripting.
  • Group policies must not restrict software installation or configuration of IIS.
  • Enable the AppDNA web site URLs to be placed in Trusted Sites.
  • For AppDNA clients only: Do not use an authenticating proxy for http(s) traffic between the client and the server URLs. You can use a proxy bypass/exception to meet this requirement.