Install AppDNA

Aug 14, 2017

The installer, Citrix AppDNA.msi, handles first time and upgrade installations for all licensing types. For trial licenses, the installer creates a database that will work with Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Important: If you are upgrading, do not uninstall AppDNA before installing. For more information about upgrading, refer to Upgrade to AppDNA.

  1. Start the AppDNA installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. On the Installation Type page, select one of the following options:
    • Client only. This installs the AppDNA client only. This is an installation of the AppDNA application, which connects to an AppDNA web site and database that are located on another machine (sometimes the database is on a different machine from the AppDNA web site). At the end of the installation, you will use the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard to configure the client connection to the AppDNA web site and database.
    • Complete (server + client). This installs the AppDNA server and client on the same machine. At the end of the installation, you will use the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard to create or upgrade the SQL Server database and configure the AppDNA web site. The database can be installed and configured on the local machine or on a machine located on the network.
  3. If you are prompted to install missing pre-requisites: Click Cancel to exit the installer, install the pre-requisites listed in System requirements, restart the AppDNA installer, and continue.
  4. When the installation completes, the Installation Wizard Completed page opens.
    • To configure AppDNA now, click Finish. The Configure AppDNA Environment wizard starts.
    • To configure AppDNA later, clear the Launch the Configuration Wizard check box and then click Finish. You can launch the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard later from the Windows Start screen or menu (Programs > Citrix AppDNA > Management Tools > Configure AppDNA).

You must complete the steps in the Configure AppDNA Environment wizard before you can use AppDNA. The wizard varies according to the type of installation or upgrade:

If you are See
Installing a complete installation Configure a server installation
Installing or upgrading a client installation Configure a client installation
Upgrading a complete or server installation Upgrade a database

Install AppDNA on a virtual machine

For production deployments only, you can install AppDNA on a virtual machine. Trial mode installation is not supported on virtual machines.

If you plan to use Install Capture with VMware Workstation, be aware that VMware Workstation requires AppDNA to be installed on the virtual machine’s host machine. This is not possible when AppDNA is itself installed on a virtual machine. If you must install AppDNA on a virtual machine, you can work around this limitation by using the AppDNA Self-Provisioning feature for Install Capture tasks.

If you plan to use Install Capture with a virtualization technology that provides full remote control (such as Citrix XenServer, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V), you can install AppDNA on a virtual machine.