Test performance

Aug 14, 2017

Citrix recommends that you test the performance of your configuration before you perform any large-scale imports and analysis.

Configure the Performance Monitor

  1. Open the Windows Performance Monitor and then expand Data Collector Sets.

  2. Right-click User Defined and then choose New > Data Collector Set.

  3. Complete the Create New Data Collector Set wizard:

    • Enter a name such as AppDNA Performance.
    • Select Create from a template.
    • Select the template System Performance.

    The new data collector set name appears in the Performance Monitor window.

  4. Right-click the new data collector set, choose Properties, click the Stop Condition tab, and clear the Overall Duration check box.

Test AppDNA import and analysis

  1. From the AppDNA side bar, choose Import & Analyze > Applications.
  2. In the Import Applications screen, add and select a few applications (up to five, including at least one large and complex application).
  3. In the Windows Performance Monitor, right-click the AppDNA Performance data collector set and choose Start.
  4. In the AppDNA Import Applications screen, click Import.
  5. After the applications are imported, click Analyze if the analysis does not automatically start.
  6. After the applications are analyzed, open the Windows Performance Monitor and stop the AppDNA Performance data collector set.
  7. In Performance Monitor, review the AppDNA Performance report:
    • If Current Disk Queue Length Maximum is more than 2, consider moving the AppDNA database to a separate disk. For more information, see Optimize SQL Server.
    • If Processor Utilization is more than 70-80%, Citrix recommends that you upgrade the processor.