Discover Applications

Aug 14, 2017

This section describes how to use Lakeside SysTrack to discover the applications used in your enterprise. SysTrack integrates with AppDNA. There are other third-party applications that track application use.

Citrix recommends that you use an automated tool for application discovery because it can be very time-consuming to handle that task manually. Typically you take an inventory of applications prior to importing them into AppDNA so that you are aware of all applications used in your enterprise and you are importing only the applications that are in use. This will not only identify any unmanaged applications which could be critical to business, but also tells you what applications are still being used, and whether you have duplicate applications with overlapping functions.

The Discover Applications feature in AppDNA integrates with, and relies upon, Lakeside SysTrack, which audits and tracks actual application use within the enterprise. Before you can use the Discover Applications screen, you need to configure a connection with the SysTrack database. You do this in Discovery settings, which you can open by choosing Edit > Settings from the menus.

Once the connection to the SysTrack database is configured successfully, the Discover Applications screen lists the applications that SysTrack has tracked. This enables you to see which applications are used across your enterprise and by how many users and on how many machines.

To open the Discover Applications screen:

  • From the side bar, choose Import & Analyze > Discover Applications.

Note: In this section, discovered application means an application that has been tracked by SysTrack and managed application means an application that is deployed through Active Directory or Configuration Manager.

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