Auto-match managed applications with imported applications

Aug 14, 2017

An automatic matching feature enables you to link managed applications with applications that have already been imported into AppDNA.

  1. From the AppDNA menus, choose Configure > AD & ConfigMgr > Link Managed Applications.

  2. Towards the center of the left side of the Link Managed Applications screen, drag the Installation box to between the Package and Manufacturer column headings.

    This presents the list of managed applications as a flat list.

  3. In the Matching section at the top, select Match: Managed to Imported in the Mode drop-down box.

  4. Enter the Score threshold you want to use, or leave it as the default value of 20.

    AppDNA uses this as the criteria for matching the managed and imported applications. The score is calculated by assigning 10 points for each matching field (Name, Manufacturer, Version, and Path). You can choose which fields to match using the check boxes on the right.

  5. Clear the Show unlinked only check box on the left side above the list of managed applications.

  6. Clear the Show unlinked only check box on the right side above the list of imported applications.

  7. Click Find Matches to begin matching managed and imported applications.

    AppDNA places the name of matched applications in the Application column and the matching score in the Score column, and selects the managed applications whose matching score is greater than or equal to the Score threshold.

    • AppDNA automatically selects all matched managed applications that have a score greater than or equal to the score threshold, although you can manually change the selections if desired.
    • AppDNA does not select matches with scores less than the threshold. For these, you need to inspect the scores and make a decision about whether to match them and manually select those that you want to match.
  8. Review the matches and change the selections as appropriate.

  9. Click Save Associations at the top of the screen to save the selected matches.