AD and ConfigMgr Data Extraction Tool

Aug 14, 2017

The AppDNA AD and ConfigMgr Data Extraction Tool is a stand-alone wizard that you can use to extract data from Active Directory (AD) and System Center Configuration Manager for loading into AppDNA. The tool uses a read-only API to extract the data from AD and Configuration Manager. The extraction tool does not change the AD or Configuration Manager data on the server.

The tool extracts a subset of the AD and Configuration Manager data for loading into AppDNA. Once loaded into AppDNA, the application deployment information can be used to import the managed applications into AppDNA. After analyzing the applications within AppDNA, users can then view the compatibility status of the managed applications by division or department (for example).


  • For best results, load both Active Directory and Configuration Manager data into AppDNA. Typically Active Directory provides rich data about organizational structure and Configuration Manager provides data about applications that are managed centrally.
  • Extracting data from a large Configuration Manager site can take a considerable amount of time. The more users and devices there are, the longer the process takes. When extracting data from large Configuration Manager sites, Citrix recommends that you extract the data in batches of 2,000 applications or packages (or a mixture of both) and run the extraction overnight. (In this context, a large Configuration Manager site is one that has a total of more than 5,000 packages and applications, and/or more than 50,000 users or computers.)